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With the help of cutting-edge imaging and diagnostic technology, miiSpine is proud to offer EOS Imaging to provide the best, most comprehensive diagnosis possible. The EOS machine is an uncommon, yet powerful tool to have at your use, with enhanced capabilities in multiple areas. From dual-plane radiographs that allow imaging from two directions, a larger acquisition zone to accommodate any size patient, and a fast patient cycle time, the EOSedge machine is a step up in imaging diagnostics. What makes the EOS really stand out, though, is its ability to create full-body, natural weight-bearing images with 50-85% less radiation, which allows our doctors more ease and precision in analyzing your condition or pain while keeping you safe and comfortable. Creating a personalized, accurate, and effective treatment plan at miiSpine has never been easier!
EOS Scans are available for only $99


TIER 1: SCAN $99 | EOS Scan and Report.

TIER 2:  SCAN AND A PLAN  $199 | EOS Scan and Plan All of Tier 1 as well as an  assessment by our Physical Therapist, and an exercise plan based on the results of your assessment.

TIER 3: SCAN, PLAN, & DAN! $299 | All of the Tier 2 services, as well as one month of access to the on-site gym to perform your workouts. Dan, our physical therapist, will be on-site should any questions arise. * This access expires 30 days from the scanassessment.


The body works together to create a highly complex machine - the EOS machine works to match that complexity by providing the most accurate, upright 3D data sets that 2D imaging cannot recreate. By capturing natural weight bearing posture and interaction between the hips, spine, knees, and neck, this improved imaging supports a global assessment of orthopedic function. That means with the help of the 3D images and functional exams possible, our doctors are able to observe the impact that each skeletal discrepancy plays on the body as whole, pinpoint problems, and generate solutions for your pain.

EOS Exam Benefits

Low Dose Radiation

50-85% less than
traditional x-ray exams and
a microdose setting for follow-up prediatric exam.

Quick Scan Time

Exam that takes
15 to 20 seconds with a total exam time of 4 minutes including set-up.

High Quality Images

Full body digital x-rays with no magnification allows our physicians to see, diagnose and treat patient conditions.

The EOS edge machine not only creates precise, reviewed 3D images with a quick turnaround, but is also used for 3D surgical planning and highly-specified hip imaging. With functions such as age-adjusted alignment, rod planning, and digital deformity correction, the EOS is truly one of the most innovative, advantageous technological tools that miiSpine employs.
EOS exams can be particularly beneficial for:
Patients with skeletal
deformities (such as
scoliosis) and degenerative
conditions of the hips, knees,
and especially the spine.
Those who require multiple
x-ray exams and therefore
may need to limit exposure
to radiation.
Those with muscoloskeletal
ailments who may benefit
from obtaining natural
standing weight-bearing

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