"The staff at Miispine are very professional, friendly, and accommodating.  They offer alternative modes of therapy that most offices are not prepared to offer currently.  The medical technological alternatives they offer are ahead of their time."
- Lisa W.
"Dr. Vemuri performed complex fusion surgery for me in May 2000 which has been remarkably successful. I have experienced virtually no issues until recently. I consulted him about a recurring back pain which appears to be a relatively minor setback requiring some additional treatment which I anticipate receiving from Dr. Vemuri. He is a highly skilled surgeon."
- Paul W.
"Dr. Vemuri explained my spine condition in words that I can understand. His  new X-ray equipment appears to be state of the art. Dr. Vemuri is very nice to talk to. I would recommend  him to anyone in need of back care."
- Robert S.
"Support staff are very friendly and accommodating.  Professionals are knowledgeable and organized.  It is my opinion that Dr. Vemuri and Megan are not only  good listeners, but willing to answer questions and clarify information."
- Dennis F.
"I have 100% trust in Dr Vemuri & Megan Courtney’s care! Dr Vemuri takes the time to listen to your concerns and always puts your well being first! I also cannot say enough about the staff! Heidi & Traci have been godsends and have help me through everything! Thank you to all of you!"
- Sherri L.
"Dr Vemuri has done three surgeries on me one neck two back. The last surgery was a lamnectomy which was so minor I was in no pain and up moving around the next day. I trust and think dr Vemuri is a good professional doctor.   He also gave me a shot for bursitis and was feeling better instantly."
- Debra L.
"The environment is like "space age cool". The staff are welcoming, courteous and friendly. I was impressed with the professionalism of the diagnosis. It's nice to have a team of people centered on finding the problem and relieving the pain you are currently in."
- Don S. Jr.
"Dr Vemuri and his team are so friendly and professional.  I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a great spinal dr. They have helped me in so many ways over the past few years!"
- Carren J.
"Dr Vemuri and his entire staff go above and beyond to ensure their patients have the best care. I would recommend him to anyone when when it comes to spine surgery."
- Herschel B.
"MiiSpine is a great place for care and the staff/providers always take great care of me. I recommend them to everyone I know with related medical needs."
- Carl D.
"I am very happy with Dr. Vemuri's office.  He has helped me so much and his staff is friedly and compasionate.  I would recommed him completely."
- Marguerite W.
"Miispine is awesome!! Everyone at the facility is very helpful and caring. They’re patients are their number 1 priority and it shows. This place forever will be my back doctor!"
- Christine B.
"I just became a patient in this office but have been a patient of Dr Vermuri’s for years, this office is amazing everyone is so polite & caring. I wouldn’t go anywhere else."
- Kathy S.
"I am so impressed. Dr Vemuri found an issue in  my spine that has so many side effects, several of my Drs. were banging their head against the proverible wall not realizing the spinal issue was the root of so many other unexplainable conditions."
- Dennis A.
"Dr Vemuri has performed two surgeries on my back, a fusion and then extending the fusion.His office staff is friendly and welcoming. The medical staff (doctor's assistant, x-ray technicians) are also welcoming, as well as professional and efficient as they carry out their duties. Dr. Vemuri takes time to explain the medical issues, the possible remedies, and the likely outcomes. He neither sugar-coats the prognosis, nor is he "doom and gloom." The facts are laid out and the patient is able to make an informed decision. So while I am currently without back pain, I am fully aware that another surgery may be necessary in the future. I wouldn't hesitate to have Dr Vemuri perform that surgery."
- Nancy M.