miiSpine is an institution built on innovation, advanced methodologies, and comprehensive care; our state-of-the-art technology and award-winning doctors are a testament to that.
However, there are always additional ways that we can provide for and serve the needs of our patients. This is why we have partnered with ProRehab Louisville, a leader in physical therapy across the state, for additional treatment opportunities that integrate experienced rehabilitation techniques for care beyond the procedures we currently offer.
3930 Dutchman's Lane, Louisville, KY 40207
Here, we have the ability to equip virtual reality education courses and exercise interventions with video biofeedback in-house at the clinic, as well as utilize the superior functions of the gravity MRI. Its most beneficial feature is that, like the EOSedge low-radiation x-ray machine, the standing MRI allows scans in a weight-bearing position, which a traditional MRI cannot do in a supine position. Because of this, spotting and addressing musculoskeletal issues will be facilitated, since our doctors will be able to view the relationship and interaction between the softer tissues and bones of the body.
Our love for remedial technology has no end! This is all part of our goal at the PT clinic to take a holistic approach to treatment, meaning that we take into account the whole person instead of a singular condition.

Our objective is to resolve pain so that it becomes both manageable for an individual and as minimal as possible. We aim not only to mitigate pain, but keep it away, as well.
As always, we do this by offering our patient’s the best care available, and the therapists at our new clinic have been treating PT patients with manual therapy for over 20 years. They’ll work alongside you to establish a relationship and uniquely-tailored treatment plan, focusing on pain outcomes, treatment goals, and intervention needs by applying their advanced training in treating:
Complex Pain Conditions  | Chronic Pain | Vestibular Rehab (treatment of vertigo, dizziness, and balance disorders) | Concussions | Orthopedic Injuries
By having a consistent and reliable schedule with the same physical therapist, these hot spots for pain resolution can be met sooner and with higher levels of success. Instead of the impersonal appointments with techs or different therapists every time that some competing PT clinics employ, miiSpine’s approach gives patients the opportunity to collaborate and participate in more ways than simply being told what to do and becoming another set of data on a page.
Your therapist will know you, your pain, and your progress – treating you like the important patient that you are.

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