January 9, 2023

6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Health This Year

The New Year: a time for beginnings, changes, shifts, and the turning of the page. Some resolutions have people flocking to the gym and replacing the food in their fridge with vegetables and lean protein, while others take them on planes to exotic locations or to the hardware store to fix that one problem around the house that has been hanging out for too long. 

Big or small, lofty or low-key, though, New Year’s resolutions are a great incentivizer to get a lot of people inspired for their personal goals. If we don’t have anything to work towards, or a checklist to work down, sometimes it can be difficult to see what changes need to be made to our lives and habits and how beneficial change can be.

If you’re having a hard time brainstorming a good New Year’s Resolution, taking stock in your personal health is always a great starting point. Choosing a goal that is both achievable and challenging can also be a difficulty, though, and that’s why miiSpine has curated a list of 6 easy changes that you can start implementing into your daily life that will benefit your health this year.

       1. Set a Bedtime For Yourself

It’s a simple habit that perhaps you’re tired of seeing on “New Year’s Resolution Ideas,” but that’s for a good reason! Adequate sleep is one of the foundations for a healthier lifestyle; it fuels you during the day, helps your body regulate hormones and functions, and is the natural “reset button” for the day.

  • Establish your routine
  • Invest in an alarm clock and charge your phone out of reach so that you can’t lose track of time on it
  • Get up and do something productive for 15 minutes if you can’t sleep, then try again
  • Reserve your bed for sleeping – don’t associate eating, working, gaming, or phone downtime with it
  • Explore different sleeping environments such as dark and quiet, different sounds, scheduled-rise blinds to let the sunlight in, or lighting that simulates the natural sunrise and sunset
      2. Have a Designated Water Glass 

As another popular resolution you see, drinking more water is certainly harder than it seems. Especially if your body is used to sugary or caffeinated drinks, it can be difficult to break the habit and make it stick. Having a consistent plan and regular reminders can help you achieve your water goals. 

  • A designated water glass or bottle gives you a nice reminder to drink it
  • Fill it up at night so that it’s ready for you in the morning
  • Set water-break alarms or draw goal amounts in permanent marker on the bottle
  • Set realistic goals like replacing one non-water drink per week or day with a water that you drink even if you don’t feel thirsty
     3. Use Your PTO

Too many people feel guilty about taking their available time off when it’s not for a specific trip because they have a lot to do at work, or experience anxiety because ‘what if they need it for something else later?’ Taking time for yourself is just as important as any other aspect of health. Especially if you work a 9-5 and errands that you have to run aren’t attainable outside those hours, PTO can be used any way you please.

  • Take a day for your mental health and face any points of anxiety that feel rushed when you have to work
  • Make medical appointments a self-care day, as well
  • Take the opportunity to have sleep-in days when you feel fatigued
      4. Start Stretching

Stretching is a great way to strengthen the connection and mindfulness that you have with your body, and is a great prevention method for a variety of different things. If you’d like to get back into or begin exercising more, stretching is a great way to start! It’s also a great tool for back pain and injury prevention.

  • Start small, and focus on what feels good
  • Try dedicating days to areas of your body; have a day to stretch your legs, a day to stretch your arms, a day to stretch your back, etc. 
  • Look up free guided stretches on streaming or video sites
  • Use this as a gateway into exercising instead of jumping in and burning out
      5. Become a Planner

This might seem like a big step, but if you consciously make time to plan, it can benefit your life in a variety of different ways with many applications! Planning out workouts, meals, or short-term goals can help give your life structure and keep you on a schedule, motivate you, and give you a sense of accomplishment.

  • Buy a cool new notebook for your planning
  • Download an app if you prefer digital
  • Fill out basic things like days of the week and categories a few weeks in advance so that it’s less work on the days when you don’t want to plan
  • Find pre-made ideas on the internet, Pinterest, or a blog you like
  • Try challenges that give you guidelines to narrow your options down
      6. Get a Wellness Check

Check-ups are a critical tool to staying healthy, preventing sickness and injury, and attending to any conditions that might be in the beginning stages of developing. Especially when it comes to orthopedic and spinal health, where habits formed early in life can affect how our body ages. By consulting with specialists, even if you feel healthy, you are investing in your future!

  • Schedule appointments out so that you have them in your calendar to plan for
  • Ask a friend or family member to accompany you if you experience anxiety
  • Set the day aside for the appointment if you feel as though you’re going to be rushing everywhere

miiSpine Wants to Make It Easy as 1, 2, 3!

miiSpine is currently offering different service packages to help you get a head start on your New Year’s health resolution. With the addition of our new PT branch and the availability of our Physical Therapist, Dan, we’ve developed three packages, each that builds on the last, with the objective to get you thorough results on how the habits you’ve formed affect your body and how you can improve them. 

There are three packages that start with an EOSedge scan: Scan, Scan and Plan, and Scan, Plan, and Dan. Although the Scan, Plan, and Dan package includes the most perks and benefits, miiSpine is committed to finding the best treatment for each individual. The packages include:

       1. Scan Package
  • An EOSedge Scan and Report: $99 
  • This is the EOS Scan and the resulting report, explained to you by our distinguished doctors so that you know what’s going on in your body.
      2. Scan and Plan Package
  • An EOSedge Scan, Report, and Plan: $199  
  • This package starts with the same scan by our world-class, low-radiation, weight-bearing x-ray machine and report by our doctors, but also includes an additional assessment by our Physical Therapist along with a resulting exercise plan for your health.
      3. Scan, Plan, and Dan Package
  • An EOS Scan, Report, Assessment, Exercise Plan, and On-Site Gym Access: $299   
  • With our final package, you receive all of the above benefits as well as one month’s access to our on-site gym at the physical therapy site. This access expires 30 days from the scan and you’ll have access not only to our great supply of equipment, but you’ll also be able to rest in the knowledge that our PT, Dan, is on-site and available if you have questions about your exercise plan.

Ready to make some lifestyle changes step by step? miiSpine is here to help you out however we can.

If you are experiencing back or neck pain and are concerned that you may be suffering from a herniated disc or some other medical condition, you may benefit from finding an innovative spine physician. Dr. Venu Vemuri at miiSpine is an award-winning doctor focused on providing a comprehensive treatment approach towards all types of back conditions and pain. For additional information or to schedule an appointment, call the Louisville, Kentucky miiSpine office today at (502) 242-6370.

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